1. If you want to use our services to treat waste, please contact us by phone, e-mail, or on our website. (Link: https://www.sarpi.hu/en/request-for-offer/waste-disposal/)
  2. The acceptance of waste is subject to the conclusion of a waste disposal contract, for which we need the following data:
  • name, address, tax number of the customer, KÜJ (Environmental Customer Protection) and KTJ (Environmental Protection Area) identification numbers
  • waste category, HAK (EWC) code, approximate quantity, packaging.

As soon as we have received all the data, the sales team will draw up a quotation, and send 2 original copies of it with authorized signature to the customer. (If the information contained in the request for quotation is insufficient, our salesperson will contact the customer and, if necessary, request a sample of the waste to be treated.)

On acceptance of our offer, one copy of the quotation should be signed and stamped and sent back to us. Next, we will draw up a waste treatment contract, which will allow the customer to deliver waste within the specified time frame of the contract. The number of times the customer can deliver waste is unlimited, but dates should be fixed prior to delivery.

If you wish to deliver waste call our transport group on +36 33/512-833, 30/120-2415 or contact us at szallitas(at)sarpi(point)hu