Should you transport waste containing dangerous goods, the UN number and the shipping name must be preceded by the word “WASTE”, e.g.:”WASTE3077 HAZARDOUS SOLID MATERIAL M.N.N. 9,II,M7 ADR”.

Provisions concerning loading, unloading and handling waste (ADR chapter 7.5).

The vehicle and its driver must comply with the regulatory provisions (especially those concerning safety, security, cleanliness and satisfactory operation of the equipment used in loading and unloading) upon arrival at the loading and unloading sites.

The loading will not be carried out if the examination of the documents or a visual inspection of the vehicle or of the containers shows that the driver or the vehicle does not comply with the regulatory provisions.

The unloading will not be carried out, if the above-mentioned inspections reveal deficiencies that might affect the safety or the security of the unloading.

According to the legislation, SARPI Dorog Kft. is obliged to refuse to accept and treat any irregular consignments.

In accordance with ADR regulations, certain dangerous goods can only be forwarded as a “full load”. In such a case, the competent authorities may require the vehicle or large container used for such carriage to be loaded at only one point and unloaded at only one point.