To comply with the reporting obligation, business organizations must register with the Waste Information System (HIR). After logging in to HIR, the competent environmental inspectorate will send the business organization a unique Environmental Customer Code (KÜJ), which identifies the organization within 15 days and an Environmental Customer Code (KÜJ); and an Environmental Protection Area Identification (KTJ), which identifies each site.

The above identification numbers must be obtained for the purpose of data supply.

How to obtain an environmental protection identification number:

The 78/2007 Decree on Environmental Fund Registration (IV.24.) stipulates that data cannot be provided in the absence of an individual environmental identifier (KÜJ, KTJ). In order to apply for identification numbers, the KAR data sheet is must be submitted electronically.

If an organization is required to submit data, the prerequisite for the electronic submission is the completion and the submission of the MEGH data sheet of the KAR package. Following the submission, the company will be registered as a natural person.

Submission of KAR MEGH data sheet: If a company is obliged to submit data, it is a prerequisite for the electronic submission of data to fill in and submit the KHF Data Sheet Package MEGH to submit the registration to OKIR as an environmental data service on behalf of the organization natural person submitting it. This person must have a customer site registration.

If the agent which is subject to reporting requirement is a natural person, who wishes to submit data electronically via their customer site, then, in order to have their data(name, email address, mother’s name etc.) registered with OKIR , the KAR data sheet must be submitted  by at least completing  the KÜJ sheet.

A person registered with OKIR may submit data to the relevant authority(s) in connection with any environmental protection area (waste management, air quailty, water protection). By submitting the KAR data sheet once, a number of authorized persons can be assigned to a client (KÜJ). However, each customer (KÜJ) is required to complete and submit a separate KAR data sheet package.