Not only do we pay attention to the safe operation of the plants, we also care for   the health and environment of present and future generations.

We play an active role in the environmental education of schoolchildren. Every year, hundreds of schoolchildren in the area attend the Open Days events. Over the years, 3500 Dorog schoolchildren have participated in VEOLIA Environnement’s international environmental projects.

It is of utmost importance for us to preserve the environmental values of our region, and to improve the health and quality of life of the people living here. We believe that when it comes to social responsibility and sustainable operation, actions are louder than words.

Environmental Development Foundation of the Dorog Incinerator Plant

In co-operation with the local municipality, we established the Environmental Development Foundation of the Dorog Incinerator Plant, which aims to help to achieve the environmental and related urban development objectives of Dorog City.

If you wish for the foundation to receive 1 % of your personal income tax, our tax number is 186008878-1-11

The Foundation has long been the main sponsor of the region’s most prestigious mass sports event SULISPRINT-SARPI, which attracts 1500 participants on average.