SARPI Dorog Kft. (formerly known as ONYX Magyarország Kft., Dorog Incinerator Kft., Pharmaceutical Incinerator Joint Venture) was founded for the incineration of industrial waste generated in three pharmaceutical companies (Richter Gedeon Chemical Plant Plc., CHINOIN Ltd. and EGIS Plc.) in Komárom-Esztergom County. The first test run of the hazardous waste incineration plant took place in August 1989. On 1st January 1993 part of the company got into French ownership. Since 1995 it has been completely French owned. The owner, SARP Industries, with 13 plants in France and several plants abroad, was among the first companies to deal with hazardous waste management. SARP Industries group is part of VEOLIA Environnement Group.

VEOLIA Environnement

VEOLIA Environment is a big family, consisting of several companies .Like any family, we are proud of our roots, which date back to the mid-19th century.

“Our group, born soon after the start of the industrial revolution and urbanisation, has been adapting to social changes for the past 153 years.” (Henri Proglio, the President-CEO of VEOLIA Environnement)

VEOLIA Environnement is the world’s largest provider of environmental management services: it employs 300 000 employees in over a hundred countries in five continents. The group has an annual turnover of 30 billion EUR, and its services include water utility and energy management (VEOLIA Eau), as well as waste management (VEOLIA Propreté). Its clients range from local governments, budget institutions and companies in the industry and service sector.

VEOLIA Environnement offers tailor-made, yet comprehensive solutions to its partners, thus contributing to sustainable development and efficient environmental management.

Veolia Environnement in Hungary

The branches of VEOLIA Environnement started to operate in the domestic market in the early 1990s.

Its lines of business are legally independent, at the same time, following international practices, they strive for close cooperation in both trade and communication. The comprehensive, yet tailor-made service package developed by the companies of VEOLIA Environnement guarantee optimized and reliable operation, savings and technical development for the mostly common customer base – local governments, industrial and service facilities.